Trauma and Stress

Managing stress in the body is an important component of treatment.

For example learning and using on a regular schedule breathing techniques to lower stress hormones is an effective technique.

What other techniques have you found to be effective?

One Response to Trauma and Stress

  1. Yes, I have been experiencing the gift of regular breathing technique,
    and have found it so helpful in bringing in calm and groundedness.

    I am also reading Eckhart Tolle’s understandings in his book “A New Earth”
    about the ‘pain-body’ and the ego. I resonate with these understandings.

    And have made up a funny acronym to recognize acknowledge and not remain in its clutches 🙂 Instead of PBnJ (Peanut Butter and Jelly) I call it (PBnE_ Pain-Body and Ego)
    Quick to remember…:)

    Thank you Peter (Pedro) Goldberg

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